1st class citizens run their own Bitcoin Full Node, Part 2.

A review of the user experience around ordering, buying, setting up, running and servicing 3 different standalone devices with Bitcoin Full Node implementations and more.

What 3 products did I buy and why?

  • Casa2 from Casa (unfortunately they have decided to discontinue the shipping of their stand-alone nodes after Jeremy Welch stepped down as CEO.

  • myNode One+ Premium from: myNode

  • Nodl Dojo (aka “The Red Beast”) from Samourai Wallet and Nodl.

Assumptions pre-purchase;

I had the assumption pre-purchase that the Casa node would be the most “plug & play” like solution and that the Red Beast from Samourai/Nodl would be the most challenging in terms of complexity.

It was my assumption that the myNode One+ premium was somewhere in the middle, but to be fair, I actually decided to buy that as the last of the 3, since I felt 2 devices was too narrow a field to have a proper user experience test.

Customer Journey / Review

To make the review of the products a bit structured, I have decided to split them into sections describing each of the products under each section. This should give everyone enough insights into the process and enable new customers to decide what is right for them.

I am fully aware that each of the products has its own targeted audience and that they are not necessarily the same buyers. This is the reason why I will refrain from commenting on the pricing of the devices as well as the hardware inside the box.

It’s clear that the Red Beast is the strongest from a hardware perspective, but its also around 2.6x more expensive than the 2 other options.

The sections I have decided to focus on are:

  1. Ordering & Payment

  2. Shipping & Delivery time

  3. Packaging and unboxing

  4. Setup, updates and initial Blockchain Download

  5. The GUI and ease of use/interaction with the device

  6. Customer service during the full journey

I will give each of the product points from 1-5 within each section of the review, so let’s jump into it….

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