1st class citizens run their own Bitcoin Full Node, Part 3.

A review of the user experience around ordering, buying, setting up, running and servicing 3 different standalone devices with Bitcoin Full Node implementations and more.

Customer Journey / Review

To make the review of the products a bit structured, I have decided to split them into sections describing each of the products under each section. This should give everyone enough insights into the process and enable new customers to decide what is right for them.

The sections I have decided to focus on are:

  1. Ordering & Payment

  2. Shipping & Delivery time

  3. Packaging and unboxing

  4. Setup, updates and initial Blockchain Download

  5. The GUI and ease of use/interaction with the device

  6. Customer service during the full journey

I will give each of the product points from 1-5 within each section of the review, so let’s jump into it….

Section 1 - Ordering and Payment.


Very smooth and easy to navigate their website, which looks slick by the way. It has probably been expensive which might result in a higher price on the products, but that’s a topic for another day.

It’s easy to find, read about and select the products so no issues there.

You have to create an account or “sign-in” before you get access to actually buy anything. That kinda pissed me off a little bit, but I am sure they have good reasons for that when considering their subscription-based solutions like the Gold membership that I went with on top of the device itself.

You can pay in Bitcoin or FIAT which is as it should be.

Casa: 4 points

myNode One+ Premium;

A very simple and easy website without any excess stuff, and very easy to find products and to place an order.

No need to create any accounts, or to login in, you can go directly to the “order now” section with no delays and other obstructions.

You can pay in Bitcoin or FIAT which is as it should be.

myNode: 5 points

Samourai/ Nodl aka The Red Beast;

The website of Samourai Wallet is solid. Nice design, great somehow old school look that caters to old geezers like me and everything works like expected.

However, it seems like selling the Red Beast is not their prime objective and most focus seems to be on the wallet itself.

There is no “products” tab/section on the site, and you have to scroll a good way down on the “Home” section before the Red Best reveals itself.

You then have to push “learn more” which takes you to a very cool subpage with very comprehensive info on the device, features, etc. Or you can press “Buy Now” which then takes you to the ordering page at Nodl

In my opinion, It’s a shame that the dedicated page with detailed device info is not a part of the main page of Samourai, but there are probably reasons for that.

You can only pay in Bitcoin, no FIAT are possible, which is solid “bitcoin only” gangsta stuff, but also a deterrent to some customers that don’t want to offload any corn to anyone.

Red Beast 4 points

Section 2 - Shipping & Delivery time


Very long waiting time, with additional delays, added along the way. When I tried to reach out to Casa for updates (on twitter) there were no replies.

Frustrating to the core of my bones.

Tracking number provided upon shipping, no issues once it left the US facility and the package delivered and in good shape with updates every time status changed.

No matter the reason, its unacceptable to wait more than 12 weeks for a product that you already paid for. At least in my book.

Casa 2 points


The product shipped less than 2 weeks after placing the order and no issues with delivery or anything.

Tracking number provided upon shipping, no issues once it left the US facility and the package delivered and in good shape with updates every time status changed.

In fact, the nyNode device was the one that I ordered last, but in spite of this, it was delivered FIRST.

As it should be. No bullshit, just execution.

myNode 5 points

Red Beast:

Same waiting time as with the Casa in terms of weeks, but with a very different perceived experience.

Almost daily updates from the Nodl team in the Telegram group, or at least several times a week.

Ketominer executing leadership and taking direct action and responsibility with personalized replies and excellent and humble service all the time, even when he encountered private health issues.

I am impressed with the service, but 10+ weeks are still too long to wait.

Red Beast 4 points

Standings after 2 sections:

myNode; 10 points, Red Beast: 8 points, Casa: 6 points

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